Pictures by Dimitri, myself and Team Peter Stigter

And it’s a wrap! Amsterdam fashion week came to an end and I want to take you with me on the roller coaster that is called fashion week. And I have to be honest: it was not my best fashion week. I was way too stressed! I worked almost 24/7 the two weeks prior to fashion week, and although I told myself over and over again it was now time to sit back and relax, that didn’t really happen. My head was preoccupied with to-do lists and it seemed like my whole body still functioned on high endorfine levels. Of course I enjoyed the dinners at Bar Breitner and Mosselen & Gin, and all the shows together with Bloggernet, InnerCirqle and all the other bloggers (the 3th picture shows a part of the gang!), but normally I’m way more relaxed and able to enjoy the little things as well. I hope I was able to hide it though ;)

But enough about that, let’s move on to the highlights of fashion week!
1. The Avelon fashion show (see 2nd and 5th pic). Always a pleasure to see oversized layered garments coming down the runway!
2. My enormous room at hotel Aitana that prevented me from becoming a total mess (4th pic). Eternally grateful ;)
3. The Evan menswear show (6th pic). I want that whole grey ensemble!
4. Dancing the night away with partner in crime Joyce (yes, my namesake!) of the blog Just Like Sushi.
5. And busting our asses the next morning in the gym. While Joyce was perfectly fine afterwards, I walked like an old lady for two days in a row. Need to excursive more!
6. All the goodies we got: a bunch of magazines, a Logitech keyboard for my iPad, a highly questionable sexy blindfold, earbuds and the best hairspray ever (L’Oreal Infinium. And no I’m not sponsored by L’ Oreal. Unfortunately…).
7. A ten minute shopping session at Zara where I scored the perfect beige dress and top (I’m wearing it in the 3th pic).
8. Seeing these pics by Dimitri and being relieved that I am not looking nearly as stressed as I thought I would ;)