I loved July! We had great weather, the Four Days Marches took place and Liza Luesink and I started our second company Duwtje that we are officially launching in September (although it’s summer, we are now in the middle of creating Christmas boxes for Duwtje). Exciting stuff!

But even though all kind of new plans are beginning to develop more and more and I love this phase most of all (creating something from scratch), some peaceful days are more than welcome. Not that I’m the kind of person who can easily sit on a beach all day -I’m too restless for that- but having no deadlines, no people expecting things from you and just me and my boyfriend. Ah, that’s exactly what I need! The first of September we will spend a few weeks in Tuscany. Until that time, I will be working my ass off ;) What about you: how are you spending this summer? Would love to hear!