MINIMAL FASHION | 19 December 2015

Sale shopping: let’s loose our minds

Knowing that the original price was €600,- somehow makes it okay to spend €300,- on Marni ankle boots. I mean: you save €300,-! And they’re gone before you know it, so it’s now or never. As we speak I’m looking at this beautiful burgundy pair. Last one in my size. It’s meant to be.

And that’s when all logic is out of the window. When scarcity is in play and prices are dropping, we’re officially incapable of judging anything on their real value. Because let’s face it: am I ever going to wear heels on a regular basis to justify the price? But those boots are laying in my house as we speak… Ready to be returned of course (or not).

For those of you who have some money to spend: be my guest and make me jealous (just don’t touch the Marni sandals okay).