Geen categorie, TRAVEL | 19 March 2016

Sardinia in march: one with nature

Ryanair can be a real gem, we found return tickets for €30,- per person to Sardinia. €30,-, that’s nothing! Okay, we had to go in March which technically still is Winter so we were a bit worried how that would turn out, but we still couldn’t wait to explore the island. Last week we packed our bags and cruised from one amzing view to another in our little rental car, and we have to say: Sardinia in March is so incredibly beautiful! Green hills, turquoise seas and best of all: you’re truly one with nature as there’s almost nobody around.

Imagine going on a hike and not seeing one single person for hours and hours, standing on the tip of a mountain and gazing over the see and having an encounter with a wild horse on your way back. That pretty much sums up our Sardinian experience. We had lunch near breathtaking cliffs and were the only guests in our Agriturismo. The owner set a table for breakfast near the fireplace specially for us. It was a little awkward – way too much food just for the two of us – but also incredibly idyllic.

There’s one disadvantage: the weather. The prediction was that the weather would be amazing, but – as always – the weather completely turned around. It would be raining non stop. And if there’s one thing I hate it’s rain. So I started reading a few weather sites and found out that the northern part of Sardinia would be sunny. And that’s the main advantage of this island: chances are it’s sunny somewhere. So we booked another place to stay and made new plans. What you definitely need though is a car! Not only to drive to a sunny spot, but also because public transport is almost non existing, especially in the off season, and you’d miss so much.

In these pictures:
Beach with black rocks | Unknown location (coordinates 40°48’45.0″N 8°11’18.6″E)
Waterfall | Cascata de Sos Molinos
Me on rock | parco naturale regionale di Porto Conte with view on Isola Piana


In those few days we walked on incredible beaches, did beautiful trails and saw an amazing sunset. So yes, do yourself a favor and definitely go to Sardinia (or any tropical destination for that matter) in the off season. Try to score a cheap ticket and take advantage of the low prices on the island during the winter. Even if it’s only for a couple of days, it’ll definitely be worth it. You’ll be completely zen and relaxed. Cin cin!

P.S. More Sardinian hotspots will follow soon!

“Black rocks, abandoned beaches and the sound of the sea. It was pretty perfect indeed”