Why I skipped Fashion Week this season

My very first fashion week was Amsterdam Fashion Week and I had high expectations. Sure, it wasn’t one of the big fashion weeks, but still. It was fashion week! But after a few shows my excitement started to diminish. I loved to see the shows and the clothes, but the whole vibe was not my cup of tea. Lots of ego’s and most of the shows only lasted for 5 minutes. It was so much trouble to go through. Especially when you can check out all the images online, seconds after the show has ended.

The next one was Copenhagen fashion week. I loved it! The clothes, the city and we had the most perfect weather. But there still was this vibe, it felt like I didn’t belong in this world. I felt insecure and wanted to escape the whole scene. I felt much happier checking out a good lunch place or museum than I did attending a show. What was wrong with me? I persisted for another year and ended my fashion week saga with Milan Fashion Week. And here I definitely felt out of place! And after this one I had enough: I was not going to do it anymore. So I declined all the invitations and happily followed everything from my screen.

Never let fear be the decision maker
I used to be convinced that I could make any world my own, but even though you can sort of fit in, not every world will make you equally as happy. And since happiness was my one and only new years resolution, saying no felt goooood! I do had those ‘fear of missing out’ moments whenever I saw fashion week related pictures on Instagram, but being able to skip the whole madness was definitely worth it. Having a better understanding of what makes you happy and what doesn’t, helpsĀ to differentiate a choice that looks good on paper from a choice that will actually be good in real life.

But do give everything a chance first! Never let fear be the decision maker. I read somewhere that we’re not nearly as knowledgeable about ourselves as we’d like to be and that we can only figure out our true wishes and passions when we do stuff first. From random unimportant stuff to major game changers and everything in between. How insignificant a choice or experience may seem, it can bring you places you never dreamed of. Trial and error, there’s nothing more to it.

I’m wearing:
H&M trend blouse | Vintage Levi’s 501
COS flats | Loxley bag | Effra jewelry | Oroblu socks