MINIMAL INTERIOR | 16 November 2015

Sophisticated interiors: are we growing up?

My love for Miffy (Nijntje for the Dutch readers) will probably still be there when I’m officially grey (in stead of my recent attempts to look old and wise by using too much silver shampoo), but when are you crossing the line between cute and crazy? Should your house and your interior grow with your responsibilities, age and seriousness? The answer? Easy. Of course not! I’m a pretty serious character myself (no bubly personality here), but the day I’m taking life too serious and I loose the ability to laugh about the stupid things I’m doing? Well, I’d be bored out of my mind.

But I do notice that my taste is slowly changing and I’m drawn to a more classical look. When I saw this house on Fantastic Frank I immediately fell in love with the leather chairs with wooden details and the understated styling. The grey and warm brown tones, the photography and chairs make this interior interesting. But whenever I’m looking for longer than 5 minutes at these pictures, I’m longing for quirky objects. Can we postpone being too serious after we’re done living our lives?