Buying suitcases never was my strong suit. I bought my first one because it was cheap. The second one because it was big and cheap (totally different). Needless to say that neither were a big success. The quality was lousy and every time I had to drag these suitcases with me I became incredibly annoyed by their impracticality. So this time I was determined to start looking for suitcases early (as in: not the day before) and write down all of the functions a suitcase should have.

My list:
-Around 70 liter volume (not too big and not too small)
-With straps so I could wear it as a backpack as well (when I fly I have to bike to the train station first, so this was a must-have feature)
-Good quality
-Soft casing (for some flexible packing)

I visited different shops, read a bunch of reviews and did some online browsing before I settled on the Eastpak Byles M (the 30 year warranty Eastpak gives sold me). After shopping with BagageOnline I received the suitcase within a day (love fast shipping!) and I can’t wait to start using it! Which is actually pretty soon cause tomorrow I will be on my way to Amsterdam Fashion Week. Are any of you guys going as well?