It is hard not to love the String shelving system. Every Scandinavian design lover seems to own one and all the great pictures out there makes you long for it even more (stop styling them so great Lotta Agaton!). But I didn’t want to spent a lot of money so I kept searching for alternatives. Last Saturday I was wandering around the Hema (one of my fav Dutch stores) and there it was: a shelving system for €40,-. It’s from the Dutch brand Tomado that sold a lot of these systems in the sixties.

The only disadvantage: the side panels were black (Tomado used to sell them in all white, but I couldn’t find one unfortunately). Luckily I still had a 20% discount so I decided to buy a spray can with the money I saved and spray paint them white myself. So happy with the result! This one is hanging in our bedroom, but maybe I might add one to the living room as well. We’ll see!