MINIMAL FASHION | 16 February 2015

Adidas Superstar revival & long dress

Last Saturday was all about ignoring conventional standards and social obligations. And an insane long dress with comfortable sneakers seemed to make a lot of sense. My most comfortable pair of sneakers that is. Even though I love my Stan Smits (an all white sneakers is hard to beat in the versatility department), these Adidas Superstars are slowly creeping back in my everyday looks.

And then the dress: so incredibly happy I took the plunge and went for it. Crazily discounted and absurd long, but every time I wear it (Copenhagen fashion week for example) I feel on top of the world.

There’s just something about an impractical piece of clothing that hits the perfect note between making a statement and being comfortable enough to wear. Lately I have been craving more statement pieces like this in my closet. I’m not sure why, maybe it’s because I’m tired of Winter and the limited options you have clothing wise. Or maybe it’s because I have so many basics that now is the time to get a little bit more daring. No matter what the reason: I’m keeping my eyes open for less basic pieces to update my wardrobe.

In the jewelry department it’s easier to go big by the way. Stacking multiple rings, adding a stone ring and a watch and you’re good to go. Lately I’m paying more and more attention to the jewelry I’m wearing and I always love photographing it (is there such a niche as a jewelry photographer? If so, sign me up!).

But until I find more statement pieces next to my jewelry, I’m happily wearing this floor sweeping dress. Perfect for any relaxed Saturday: just lounging, having brunch and redecorating some corners. If only every day could be like this!

Wackerhaus dress | Zara sweater
Adidas Superstar sneakers
Ming Yu Wang pixel ring | Larsson & Jennings watch