GOALS | 4 April

Want to be relevant in your thirties? Be fucking good at something

S01E01 | Finding your place while being relevant Listening to Garence Dore’s podcast is like a long lunch with good friends (just listen to the one with Isabel Marant and Caroline de Maigret to see for yourself). And it’s perfect to get your mind off of you’re sorry state while attempting to work-out. So while running yesterday (attempt number 100…) I was listening to Garance and LA based sister duo Erin and Sarah foster. And I felt completely zen. I was running through fields, the sun was shining and my eyes were getting used to seeing something else than my

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Discovering the unknown

Ever since I had this crazy idea in my mind of visiting another country once a month, I feel much more energized! Discovering the unknown, getting a feeling of what it is like to live somewhere else. Probably the number one reason I like to revisit hotels and search for the perfect Airbnb apartments. This was our apartment when we visited Copenhagen two years ago. That view! Aah, could easily see myself living there! But back to this year’s crazy cool! As some of you guys pointed out, I am indeed lucky to be living in Europe. Would’ve been a

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HAPPINESS | 21 January

Fear & regrets

You may remember we influence 50% of our happiness by the actions we take. I don’t know about you, but I still find this a strange idea (it’s so much control!). Apparently I can adjust my actions and feel even more happy. So it got me thinking: what should I do differently to achieve this? Since this year – for  me – is all about taking risks, I’m slowly saying yes to things I normally say no to. Just to find out if no was the right decision or not. And a strange thing happened: every time I said yes to something I

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How to reach goals by fooling yourself

I made the same new years resolution for several years: opening myself up while doing things out of my comfort zone. And I failed every single year… I did do things out of my comfort zone, but once I was out there- in unfamiliar territory – I completely shut down. Turns out: I just simply can’t do it (that’s why I stopped making those new years resolutions and will only be focussing on being as happy as possible, that -at least- I can do ;). And I know I’m not the only one: somehow we think we will be more perfect

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New years resolution: just one

Happiness: I think it’s safe to say it’s the number one goal for most of us. Being successful or seeing a 6 figure number on your bank account won’t do the trick. Sure, living a comfortable life without having to worry about money for groceries and rent is kind of a necessary fundamental. But once you’ve got the basics covered, money won’t really make you happy. But what will? Well, I did some research and read numerous psychological journals in between coffee and lunch breaks these last few weeks. The nerd in me has awoken and I can’t wait to share

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