Testing the new Huawei phone

Yeah, yeah I’m an absolute Apple freak. But… last week I took the plunge and I tested the new Huawei P9. So how did an Apple junky make the transfer? It included some staring at the phone (looks are important!) and spending some time getting to know each other. Taking things slow, you know. And I must say: the transition was much easier than expected.

I’m used to an iPhone 6+ and I do wish the screen of the Huawei was a little bit bigger, but the camera feature… If there’s one feature that makes the Huawei P9 special, it’s the camera developed in collaboration with Leica. Two separate lenses give you the option to adjust depth of field, such a bonus! Also: the camera app let’s you play around with ISO, exposure and shutter speed. Since I love to shoot everything a little overexposed but hate high ISO, I loved that I was in control of everything. The tones of the pictures seemed to be a better match with real life as well.

All in all, the camera feature did make me doubt to make the switch. But I have to say: besides the camera feature, Apple is much easier to use. I know it’s because I’m used to the interface, but combined with the trouble to having an Android phone while everything else runs on Apple I decided to stick with the iPhone. Still an Apple freak, but seriously in love with the camera function of the Huawei P9. Life is hard…

I’m wearing:
Hanna dress | H&M trousers
Mango sandals | Kapten & Son watch