MINIMAL FASHION | 17 November 2015

The bare necessities

It’s absolutely horrible what happened in Paris, a city I love and visit frequently. The news of Paris hit much harder home – and I hate to admit this – than news of what is happening in Syria. Seeing such horror in familiar streets is strange, terrible and unbelievable. I can only imagine how shocked everybody must have been, unable to belief what is unfolding right before their eyes. We don’t need much to be happy: a safe home, loved ones and some freedom. And I sincerely hope we, but especially Parisians and everybody else in war, are able to hold on to these bare necessities.

But, and I don’t want to be too pessimistic here, the war is coming closer and closer and the way the Western countries are acting and reacting isn’t all that cracked up to be. Normally I avoid watching the news (I’ve made that decision a couple of years ago as it wasn’t making me feel any happier and I wasn’t ging to use the knowledge anyway), but since Friday I’ve began watching and reading like a maniac. There’s one article that interested me by Anna Luyten, who interviewed Dutch terrorism expert Peter Knoope. He is asking the following question: what is the reason so many people have a profound hate for our Western society? Shouldn’t we deal with terrorism differently than we’ve done up until now? And the answer, according to Peter, is: yes. Our views of the world aren’t the truth and we should stop forcing everyone and anyone to follow our norms, values and rules.

But seeing how most politicians have incredible ego’s, I’m wondering how this will end… Can’t we come up with an ‘ego-deflating’ poison? Keep calm and deflate your ego: $4,99! That’ll help speed things up.

And for the lighter note, if any of you are wondering what I’m wearing:
Zara off-shoulder top | Vintage Levi’s jeans
COS shoes | Effra jewelry