MINIMAL INTERIOR | 17 October 2015

The Line Los Angeles

You may know The Line: an online shop with a careful selection of basic fashion and luxury goodies. They have an apartment in NY and since its opening it has fast became a favorite among the NY fashion crowd. But there’s good news for the west coast as well, The Line just opened their L.A. store. And the styling is done to perfection!

Co-founder Traina Snow and the rest of the team took the unique landscape of L.A. in careful consideration. “It’s much more sprawling, so it was important for us to be in somewhat of a central location so that people can still happen upon the store, but we still maintain our special retail experience not being on the ground floor.” If you happen to be in L.A. you can not only stop by and walk around in the apartment, but you can also book an in-store appointment with a stylist through the website.

Now: when will there be a The Line apartment in Europe…?

“I am drawn to things that have stories behind them, which is probably why I’m so attracted to antiques and odd, vintage trinkets”

– Vanessa Traina Snow

Source: Vogue