MINIMAL FASHION | 16 July 2015

The power of a white blouse

If there is one item I heavily rely on in times of a style identity crisis, it’s the white blouse (Which I’m experiencing as we speak! Help! Combining new trends I love so much – such as everything 70’s, – with my love for minimal is proving to be difficult. Anyone experiencing this as well? And anyone knows the solution to this problem?? Drop your almighty knowledge anywhere on social media – my Instagram preferably ;). But enough rambling about this identity crisis, back to the white blouse.

“If you want to have clean ideas, change them as often as your shirt”
Francis Picabia

If you’re lost for answers, the white blouse sure has the solution for you. One: it’s always appropriate (always!). Two: it makes you look fresh and sophisticated. And three: it’s the one thing that makes any denim item look like a million bucks. What’s not to like!

The following three versions helped me out numerous times before:
-Classical white blouse
-Multifunctional blouse/dress
-Short sleeved blouse for Summer

Where to find the perfect white blouse?
COS is always a favorite. They have some really nice pieces, and the mens shirts are the perfect fit.  But newcomer In-Grid is currently my fav place to shop for a white blouse (I’m wearing it here). And H&M trend has the perfect blouse / dress in their collection (not yet online).