Let’s talk marble today! A material that was a big no 5 years ago, but steadily reclaimed its popularity. I think it gives an instant boost to any space by adding just that little touch of luxury and je ne sais quoi. But where to get the best marble pieces out there? First of all: check the second hand stores on a regular bases. I found almost all of the tea light holders for €0,35 (!). Check shabby places where they sell a crap load of stuff as well. I found some marble eggs for €0,75.

And second: invest in something marble that is little bit more unique. A lot of brands now offer marble items, here is a list of my favorites:
Ferm living candle holders
Louise Roe marble box (same as in the pictures)
Hay box
Lijns marble tray
Marble basics pottery (they have a beautiful Instagram profile as well!)