MINIMAL INTERIOR | 2 February 2016

Tips for compact living with EeStairs

We all love to drool over enormous open spaces with room for extensive art collections, walk-in-closets and huge dining tables, but unfortunately many of us aren’t so lucky and have to make the best of a compact living space. Not that it’s a bad thing, we just need to improvise a little. Today we teamed up with EeStairs to show you how to make the most use of every square meter. And they took this quite literally: EeStairs designed the 1m2 stairs, a stair that only takes up 1 square meter (see the first picture below). Now, that’s being efficient with your space!

But we can always use more tips of course, so here we go:

1. Start of with the 1m2 stairs to occupy the smallest possible floor area and not waist any space.
2. Then on to the furniture: there are so many smart options out there (luckily!). Instead of chairs for instance, buy some stools. Use them as a side table for every day, and when you have guests you can use them for their original purpose.
3. Buy a couch that is as light and delicate as possible, plus functions as a bed bank as well.
4. Another tip besides using stools as chairs, are the stacking tables/stools you see beneath. Efficiency is key.
5. Use your ceiling as much as possible, for instance by adding a clothing rail. We are in love with minimal circle rails!
6. Corners can be used more efficient as well and corner racks are perfect for small apartments.
7. And use your walls the best you can. Minimal wooden dots are still going strong.