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There are so many great items in sale right now (well, every year I’m convinced the sale is extraordinary…). So here’s a little recap of some of the best scores I could find. Especially loving the Helmut Lang top and shirts plus trousers with patched white logo’s by Ann-Sofie Back. Some of these items already found their way home to me. I just can’t help myself, but I have to say that this time I still had a rather generous gift voucher. Guilt free shopping is the best!

So what are your sale scores so far? Problems finding stuff because sale is just not your thing or are you going overboard? I have to admit I belong to the last group, but after a years of buying bad bargains because of a 70% off tag I learned my lesson.

These 4 simple steps really do help me to stop buying bad bargains:
-Save a wish list: I save a wish list whenever I see a few items I like.
-Sleeping on it: after some sleep I’m more detached and can objectively decide if I really need want it.
-Set a budget: setting a budget forces you to make choices, good choices.
-Make your choice: happy hunting!