TRAVEL | 7 September 2015

Tourist in own country: Maastricht

Whenever I’m traveling I feel recharged and full of ideas and energy. All the unknown landscapes, objects and people. It gives me new input, and stimulates my creativity. But… I can’t travel 24/7. So where the hell should I get my inspiration from?? Well, it got me thinking. Why do I feel inspired when I travel?

After giving it some thought it seemed it was not the traveling per se, but it was simply the things I was doing. When I’m home I’m working non-stop and sitting behind my computer, I’m definitely NOT visiting museums or go sightseeing. So 1 + 1 = 2. This year I’m going to be a tourist in my own country! And we’re kicking things off with Maastricht: the most southern city of Holland and one of the oldest cities as well. A beautiful city with a France flare to it. Thanks to Stijl Maastricht for making this possible and hosting the perfect store opening of their two new additions to the small Stijl empire (they really are taking things to the next level!).

So which hotspots are my favorites?

Stijl Maastricht
We got invited by Stijl Maastricht to attend the opening of two new stores: Stijl Men and Stijl Fine Living. Gorgeous stores! And the perfect addition to Stijl Women. So a definite first visit should be one of the Stijl stores.
Kiki Niesten
You’ll find the most expensive brands in this beautiful store, located in a small cobblestone street. Stick to browsing and do the actual shopping in their outlet store right across the street.
La Neuvieme Paris
A boutique store selling a great selection of Acne (and many other brands, but my eyes were drawn to everything Acne…). They know their stuff as well so are a great help when looking for something specific.
From Theory to Helmut Lang, you’ll find the cool / street style brands here.
Famous Dutch department store, filled with a great selection of the best brands from beauty to interior design and fashion.

Definitely a must visit!
A well known museum hosting innovative exhibitions while also displaying more traditional art.

Stijl Fine Living
If you’re a fan of Hay this is a must visit. You’ll love their Hay mini market!
Lots of cute little knick knacks for your home in a beautiful big store.
Designwinkel Conflict
Not to miss if you’re looking for great design.
You’ll never find a bookshop this beautiful. Located in an old church, it’s the place for books and some coffee.

A cool place to have some lunch, located in the neighborhood Wyck.
Brandweer Kantine
An old fire station now hosting a cool lunchspot, bicycle repair shop and annual vintage sale.
I know I’ve said it before, but it is my fav spot in Maastricht. Great food and a gorgeous museum!
Wij maken koffie
Seriously the best coffee in town! Plus the owners are super nice.