TRAVEL | 4 March 2016

Dutch hotspots | Hoge Veluwe

Welcome to the very first official #touristinowncountry post! We already did one of Maastricht and started to photograph a few other cities, but from now on one we will highlight must-sees in the Netherlands on a regular basis. So excited! And the first one is a personal favorite of mine: the Hoge Veluwe. Just a half hour drive, but so much beauty! Sometimes it even feels like you’re in another country as the landscape can be quite different than the normal Dutch landscape.

And I forgot how great it is to spend the day outside, feeling the wind in your hair and the sun on your face. Ah the sun! It was such a beautiful day. Okay, I admit that I might have exaggerated with thermal leggings, woolen socks, jeans, a top, blouse, jacket and a woolen vest with my coat thrown over. But hey, at least I wasn’t cold.

And I can only imagine what it looks like during Spring! Although the Winter landscape is a hard one to beat. I was literally snapping pictures every minute while biking through the landscape. And even those pictures, which I took without looking through the lens on a bike, turned out perfect. About the bikes: all the bikes have child seats and it was too funny to see Leon with a child bike seat. Such a weird picture! We’re still not sure if we want to have children and I’m definitely not sure since thinking it was funny to see instead of hearth-melting-I-want-a-baby kind of feeling. Ah well, we see what the future holds. Back to the park!

Extra bonus by the way: the Kröller Müller museum! There aren’t many other places in Holland combining nature and art so fluently. It pretty much sums up my perfect day. The one thing I did miss was a good spot to eat and drink (they should start innovating a bit on the food front, I had the most disgusting ‘fresh’ orange juice…). But in between the cycling it was perfect to do a quick pit stop and see the museum. It isn’t that big but it’s definitely a must see when you’re in the park. Don’t miss the garden as I think it’s the best part of the museum, especially when the sun is out and you can relax a bit in between the art.

“The garden full with statues, art and architecture is my personal favorite of the Kröller Müller Museum”

Practical stuff

I hope I’ve convinced you by now to pay a visit to the Veluwe (and skip the orange juice), so some practical information might be helpful. First of, there are 3 entrances to the park: Hoenderloo, Otterlo en Schaarsbergen. You can choose to go into the park by car, but you would miss so much of the park. It’s best to park your car at the entrance and take a free bike which is conveniently located next to the parking lots.

There are beautiful biking lanes with good directions. Our route started in Schaarsbergen and our first stop was Bosje van Staf where you can spot some wildlife if you’re lucky (we were not). We parked the bikes on the side of the road (which cannot be locked, but that’s not a problem as nobody is going to steal your bike anyway) and walked to find a secluded spot to relax a bit. Afterwards we biked to the Kröller Müller Museum and continued our journey to the Deelensche Wasch (see first picture), which was our last stop before we biked back to our car in Schaarsbergen. In total we biked 26 km, but the landscape sure made up for all those miles!

Check the site of Hoge Veluwe for more information.

Where to park
Hoenderloo, Otterlo or Schaarsbergen.

Entrance fee
€9,15 per person
€3,- per car and €6,50 if you take your car into the park
€9,15 for Kröller Müller Museum

Come by car, and take the free bikes to explore the park

We made a full circle and saw most of the park within 5 hours. It’s around 26 km of biking.