HAPPINESS, TRAVEL | 8 February 2016

Traveling every month…

Research shows it again and again: money doesn’t buy happiness. Wealth is not proportional to happiness and even if some materialistic possessions add quality to life, it’s not a linear relationship. The biggest problem of materialistic possessions is that it becomes part of the new normal, we adapt to our new buys and the thrill of owning evaporates. In fact, some research shows that materialistic possessions can reduce happiness. The hedonistic treadmill of more, more, more is actually wearing us out. And the phrase less is more has never been more true. So yes, it was not a big surprise that the minimalistic style became a trend all those years ago. We were desperate for some room to breathe!

This year I’m determined to become as happy as I can be, and that means buying less and experiencing more since research shows that every experience becomes an integrated part of our lives by creating memories and shaping relationships (hell, that sounds good no?). One thing I’d really like to do is travel every month. I don’t think I’ll actually be pulling it of, but I’m getting close. I’ve kickstarted 2016 by visiting Leipzig and Berlin, and a few weeks later Paris was on the agenda. A city we both absolutely love!

While visiting Puiforcat and Hermes we stayed in hotel Balmoral, which is our home away from home. We’ve stayed there last year as well and had an amazing time; feeling at home when you’re away from home is the ultimate luxury. We were extra lucky by the way, cause we got to stay in the suite and had an enormous space (we had a walk-in closet, not even kidding). So after a few nights of eating out, we decided to stay in: movie night with Pizza. Thinking back, this is the night I cherish the most. Strange how all the glitter in the world isn’t important in the end.

So when we came back from Paris, we immediately booked Sardinia for March and Milan for April (first time visiting Salon del Mobile, can’t wait!). In June we’ll be going to the south of France or north of Italy. All I need to do now is figuring out where to go to this month. I’m skipping all the fashion weeks cause it’s too hectic of a time to really enjoy anything (although I love it every once in a while, it’s just not really for me, will tell more about it in another post!), so I’m trying to work around the Fashion Week schedules. Any suggestions: places you love, great nature? Do tell!

All pictures are shot in Hotel Balmoral