Trying to buy less, but these buys were unavoidable

Did you know that 50% of our happiness depends on our own behavior and the choices we make in life? I find this such a strange idea. When I think about my own level of happiness, it feels pretty stable. I really can’t remember feeling significantly happier or unhappier. Does that sound boring? A bit right? I know it’s a good thing since I’m happy, but the whole idea of feeling even more happy is alluring!

I’m now reading on our way to happiness by Ap Dijksterhuis, fitting title indeed. He was one of my teachers back in the day and many of his studies were focused on how our behavior is mainly directed by our unconscious. Very interesting subject, but his new book is equally interesting (at least to me).

I’ve not finished reading it, but one of the statements is that buying things won’t make you happy. Instead of spending our money on clothes and cushion covers (I always seem to buy new covers…), we should be doing things such as traveling, going to dinner with friends and see our family more often.

So I decided to follow up his advice and spend less money on clothes and more on traveling. But boy do I have a hard time during sale periods. Those 70% discounts are killing me! I had to unload several online shopping baskets to avoid complete bankruptcy. In the end I’ve somewhat managed it by only buying Marni felt sandals and the perfect (with the best sleeves) roll neck by Jacquemus. Two things which have been on my wish list for quite some time.

Next week I’ll be in Paris. Wish me luck…