You might remember last weeks post about The Loft that opened its doors the past month in Amsterdam? Unfortunately they just closed (they are thinking about opening up next spring), but luckily I could pay them a visit last week. This green marble box was on the wish list and the cute little marble bowl had to come along as well.

There’s just something about green marble. It feels more vintage and strange enough more fresh than the normal grey marble at the moment (although I still love my grey marble collection, don’t get me wrong!). I guess it’s because darker colors are slowly creeping back into minimal interiors (is it just me or are those natural wooden floors looking more attractive by the minute?). A minimal base is still important, but a soft touch just seems to add that extra little something. Of course it might just be that’s it’s Winter and I’m longing for a home with 100 blankets to hide under. But who cares: I’m happily adding different kind of grey tones, cosy fabrics and desaturated colors!