TRAVEL | 29 September 2015

US road Trip | Week 1

The day before we were going to fly I couldn’t comprehend we’d be away for more than a month. Deadlines, to-do’s and appointments were still going through my head and there were moments during the day that I forgot all about our US road trip. Which was weird, as I normally am fully obsessed with leaving. You know: that feeling of being sick of every little nagging detail of your life and it’s almost unbearable to still have to work for a couple of days (you’re starting to question how you were able to go without a holiday for so long…). Well, I wasn’t thinking any of that and I was almost starting to wonder if it wouldn’t be a shame to leave my ordinary life behind.

One day in the US though and I felt the complete opposite: wouldn’t it be a great idea if we moved to LA?! The vibe, the weather, the beach and the energy. I felt free; capable of anything. If any sales assistent had a great “/” life (sales assistant/photographer/actor/blogger, well everyone was a blogger apparently), I for sure had some possibilities. I’d just blab my elevator pitch to everyone within a 1 mile radius and be fine.

But since I’m pretty useless as a sales assistant (and wasn’t able to pitch at all), I started to get restless. Yeah the people are really easy going, the art scene is exciting (we visited The Bates motel with its white palm trees and the Getty museum) and the shopping is great (still love that orange bag by Creatures of Comfort, although: what’s up with having no walkable area? Walking is cool guys. Just saying.). But what we really came here for were the impressive landscapes. So we took Route 66 and prepared ourselves for days without a shower.

Our first stop was Mojave desert: a relatively small national park (remember this post?). The picture with all the rocks (doesn’t it look like a Flintstone scene?) was one of our camping spots and it was magical to see the sun set. We cooked our meals on a gas stove, had flashlights on our heads and looked like crap, but we loved it. If I had to choose to go back to one day, this would be it. The excitement of camping in the middle of nowhere for the first time, the impressive landscapes and no internet reception made it unforgettable.

After two days we continued our journey to a place with a hot tub, swimming pool and blow dryer. A.k.a. Las Vegas. Incredibly loud and plastic, but when you’re craving luxury it’s perfect. Book a few months in advance and you’ll be able to stay in something nice such as the Venetian (for an okay price). It is the perfect pit stop to prepare yourself for the rest of your shower-less days. Next week: week 2!

Overview itinerary week 1
Day 1 – 3 LA
Day 3 – 6 Mojave
Day 6 – 7 Vegas

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