TRAVEL | 13 October 2015

US Road trip | week 2

Prepare yourself for an overload of pictures… I had a hard time narrowing down these to a manageable selection as the second week was one of the best weeks nature wise. You might remember the first week ended in Vegas, and after taking a much needed bath and pampering ourselves with great food and pool days we headed to the Grand Canyon. We’ve been there before and were doubting about going back (it’s too touristy), but since it was on our way we decided it would be a pity to ignore such beauty. So we camped one night at Matter campground (do make reservations ahead, especially when you’re visiting during the weekends) and took the Bright Angel trail. No matter how touristy, the views will leave you breathless.

After the Grand Canyon we went to Page and made a hotel stop there. Lounging at the pool and being completely useless (loved it!). During the night we visited the Horseshoe Bend and made a campfire while we ate our dinner there. Normally this is a pretty crowded place, but if you walk along the rim to the west you’ll find enough secluded spots to see the sun set.

We also visited Water Holes Canyon: a beautiful narrow canyon you’ll have all to yourself as there’s almost nobody around. It is a little challenging to get down into the canyon and up again, especially if you take an improvised route, something we definitely don’t recommend… (read more about it here). But do pay a visit if you’re already in the neighborhood for Antelope Canyon. This canyon will be more of an experience because nobody is around, which is in sharp contrast with touristy Antelope Canyon.

Next up were two places which were pretty secluded as well when we visited: Edmaiers secret and some stops along the way such as the Toadstool hoodoos. Beautiful landscapes! Unfortunately the weather got worse and worse, so we decided to chase the sun and visit the Valley of the Gods. A smaller version of Monument Valley, but again: less touristy (we were pretty determined to avoid any social contact indeed ;).

We camped in the most beautiful spot and watched the sun rise. If only every week could end like this!

Overview itinerary week 2

Day 1-2 Grand Canyon

Day 2-4 Page & Water Hole Canyon

Day 4-5 Edmaiers secret

Day 5-7 Valley of the Gods

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