Vintage Levi’s jeans

This weekend we were invited by Stijl Maastricht to attend the opening of Stijl Men and Stijl Fine Living. Two gorgeous stores, completing the Stijl Maastricht brand. Besides selling the best Scandinavian brands, they are also located in one of the prettiest Dutch cities.

The sun was out, we had nice dinners outside and did some shopping and sightseeing. The perfect weekend! And what made the weekend even better was that I finally found a pair of vintage Levi’s. The Brandweer Kantine (must visit!) was hosting it’s vintage kilo sale and I snapped up three trousers (this one and two leather trousers) for only €25,-. And even better: just a few minutes from the Brandweer Kantine you’ll find Marres. Marres is probably my favorite spot in Maastricht; not only a beautiful museum, but also a great spot for lunch and dinner. I’m feeling a bit sad the perfect weekend came to an end. Can’t we have eternal holidays..?

I’m wearing:
H&M blouse dress | Vintage Levi’s | Newbark sandals
Kara backpack  | Larsson & Jennings watch 

Anna Lawska necklace (finally available!)