On our way back home from Tuscany, we decided to spend our last day in Milan. And I loved it! I finally found the perfect Marni brogues that I was looking for (will show you guys next week) and we even had time to experience Vogue Fashion’s Night Out. It was crazy! I never expected so many people packed on the streets and spilling out the stores. Franca Sozzani walked by (I was too late to grab my camera), photographers where flashing their camera’s, designers were nervous and I walked there feeling like Alice in wonderland (hell: I even look confused ;). I’m a newbie to this fashion scene thing, so yeah: I was amazed!

The only thing I really wanted to check out during this night were the emerging designers showcasing at Milan’s Palazzo Morando. And I was not disappointed. At all! My favorites? Altewai Saome, Arthur Arbesser, Comeforbreakfast and the intricate fabrics by Steven Tai. I spoke to some of the designers and they were all really kind and eager to tell their story. I wish them the best of luck!