MINIMAL FASHION | 6 February 2015

How to wear your watch this Winter

Loved wearing watches during the summer, stopped loving it when temperatures decided to drop. How anyone can survive Winter time with bare arms is beyond me. I’m covered in 100 layers, and preferably in sweaters with outrages long sleeves (which probably stems from a childhood trauma when all the clothes were always too short. Was it me or was that just how things were back in the nineties??). But there was still that watch addiction to deal with. 1+1=2 so layering a watch over a sweater was the obvious answer.

And since I’m religiously wearing my watch over my sweater, I searched through my archives to dig up some of the latest outfits. Take a look!

The only disadvantage of wearing your watch over your sweater? Continuously adjusting the strap to the thickness of the sweater you happen to be wearing. Especially the all black watch is a pain in the ass to adjust when you’re in a hurry (you have to adjust it with a little pin). But who cares: it’s functional while you can still show of your watch collection (hah!).

Yes, even when you’re wearing fluffy ones by Acne and your strap just barely closes. Perfectly acceptable right?

I think I have to detox once Spring comes around the corner. Bare wrists and watches? That definitely isn’t looking so attractive anymore. There’s just something about this jewelry over clothing thing. Lucky us it’s still freezing over here…

Where to buy?
Larsson & Jennings all black watch
Daniel Wellington leather band watch