Weekly highlights |Vogue’s wardrobe & easy DIY

What caught our eye last week? We’re ashamed to say the British Vogue YouTube channel is again on our list (they’re so good at making interesting videos!), but this time you’ll also find a cool DIY and some wish list items. Click, click, click:

1. Thinking about changing my hair color a lot lately. I still have no idea, but this color by Sarah Harris is so beautiful! Of course this is her natural hair color, so it’ll be difficult to copy.
2. Our fav look this week? This one by Irina Lakicevic. Gorgeous!
3. Such a cool DIY: click through to see how to make your own knit without using any needles.
4. Ever since seeing these oak circles on the Dutch Design Week we’ve been thinking about adding one to our own interior.
5. And this bag would be a pretty cool addition too. So, so good! And so, so expensive…
6. This video is from 2014, but if you haven’t seen the wardrobe of British Vogue editors Sarah Harris and Bay Garnett (love her!) definitely watch.