GOALS | 10 February 2016

Where’s my runners high…

It’s February and I’ve been hibernating indoors pretty much all Winter, which means I do not feel Summer ready. At all. Especially since turning 30 I’m secretly worried about turning into a flabby white mini whale. And yes, I know I’m exaggerating. But still: I really need to think about exercising. So I started taking up running again.

Just like last year and the year before. I think it’ll be safe to bet I won’t be running by the end of this month and I’m already waiting for that day I start procrastinating. Which is weird, cause I normally am the type of person to finish what I’ve started. But I think I figured it out: feedback is everything and the only feedback I’m getting is a body gasping for air, sweating like a pig. I never had a runners high, I don’t know how it feels to run ‘an easy 30 minute shake-out run’ (are you even kidding me!) and when I skip one week I have to start all over. So yep, it’s the ultimate paradox: I have to continue and break that wall of my non-existing stamina in order to exercise regularly. But how do I break the wall if I already threw the towel in the ring?

I’m starting to think that I should be doing something else than running or maybe combine it with something else to get more positive feedback as well. Maybe some weightlifting? What do you guys do? And please don’t tell me you’re all hopping though a field like little deers, not gasping for air whatsoever.

Pictures shot on the highway from Sweden to Denmark