While in Mojave

Whenever you step out of your normal life, time seems to slow down ánd fast forward. It feels like we’ve landed in LA ages ago. But somehow it also feels like the end of our one month getaway is slowly – but steadily – approaching way too soon.

The first spot we’ve visited after leaving the big city behind, was the Mojave National Preserve. A park we skipped the last time we were here, which is a total shame. This park is my number one at the moment. Other national parks – such as the Grand Canyon – may be overpowering, but the Mojave offers some unique views without being a tourist trap (such as these sand dunes). We camped in a deserted spot, nobody to be seen, not a car or a single person. It was perfect!

Being out of civilization (and wifi) is such a relaxing feeling. Whenever I’m away from it all, I realize how much I’ve been missing it. Strange how normal life seems to rush by, from one deadline to the other. Why is that we’re working so hard again? I’m having a hard time remembering, even though I’m quite the workaholic myself. It now seems so pointless to spend your time on this planet being way too stressed.  But I already know that the minute I’m back, I’m in full work mode…

I’m wearing:
Wackerhaus dress| Rebacca Minkoff sandals | Rag & Bone hat