Why we all need a poolhouse

Summer is back! After a few days of all grey sky and rain, the sun is out again. And when temperatures rise, we more or less are outside whenever we can. We even found a solution for our serie addiction – which is taking serious forms at the moment: we take our laptop and make a lounge bed outside (luckily our garden is big enough so we don’t annoy our neighbors).

But even though we’re fortunate to have a huge garden, it is one big mess. We still have to renovate it (the men who were¬†supposed to do that, ditched us a few days ago, so we’re looking for new gardeners at the moment…). And looking at this poolhouse, almost convinced me I needed one! How chic would that be: a minimal pool and a poolhouse to really enjoy nature, even on the rainy days. I can totally see myself lounging here…

Source: Merckx Interiors