MINIMAL FASHION | 9 February 2015

Winter staples in Paris

Next to the give away (you can still join by simply leaving a comment to win a Jane Kønig necklace!), we’re of course sharing this weeks outfit as well. You might have noticed that I stopped posting two outfits in a week. Unfortunately I couldn’t keep up anymore. My schedule is now officially a never ending chaotic whirlwind of deadlines and appointments (and I’m used to a heavy workload…). But don’t get me wrong: I do love it! It means that all my plans and dreams are becoming more real by the minute. I’ve worked very hard to get where I am now and I can’t thank you guys enough for actually reading my posts! Never in a million years I’d expected that even 50 people would pay an occasional visit, let alone all of you guys (thanks, thanks, thanks!!).

But let’s quickly move on to the actual outfit before this will turn into a cringingly sentimental post. And yes: I do like to give the illusion I’m in Paris again (wouldn’t that be great!). Unfortunately I’m in ever rainy Holland and this outfit was shot one month ago when we were on a short city trip and did nothing much besides eating chocolate all day.

This particular day I was wearing quite a few layers and it almost never happens to me, but it was actually too warm! Every morning I miscalculated what to wear (except this day when my blanket turned out to be the perfect solution), but luckily a coat has buttons and can be opened. And I think it won’t come as a surprise that I’m wearing my blue sweater and white trousers underneath.

H&M coat | Zara sweater | H&M trousers
Alexander Wang belt bag | Rag & Bone hat
Balenciaga scarf | Adidas Stan Smith