MINIMAL FASHION | 2 February 2015

This Zara dress is a new fav!

I decided to go on 10 minute shopping spree right before the first show at Amsterdam Fashion week. I randomly picked some clothes that appealed to me and went straight to the check-out. And against all odds it actually was a good idea! Normally I think long and hard before I buy something, otherwise a bad bargain most likely will be the end result. But this ecru/cream combo is fast becoming an all time favorite!

It actually isn’t an existing combination. The skirt is a dress and the top belongs to a different skirt. I also tried the skirt that goes with the top and although I loved it, it is too short and thus too cold to be wearing right now. The dress with two layers of pantyhoses (very charming indeed) does the trick though. And because I wasn’t a big fan of the sleeves of the dress I threw this top over it. It isn’t the easiest outfit to layer, but with the top in a size L everything worked out.

P.S. this post is the very first one in the new design! So happy it is finally life!! We worked so hard on it and we’re still working on it. Can’t wait till every little detail is perfect and all the new features are added!

I’m wearing:
Zara dress | Zara top
Ming Yu Wang stone ring | Amarilo gold ring | Larsson & Jennings watch
Neri Karra bag | Ace & Tate sunglasses
Adidas Stan Smith sneakers