MINIMAL INTERIOR | 15 October 2015

Zara home: they do have some good stuff!

I keep forgetting about Zara Home, which is strange as they do have a lot of good stuff in their new collection! And their campaign shots are pretty cool as well, they even have three different campaigns, each one in a specific style. My favorite images are the ones with a calm backdrop and nature inspired accessories. The golden leaf tray for example is pretty neat for your jewelry and the wooden vase looks really chic.

I think the reason I keep forgetting about Zara Home is that their prices are somewhat higher than I’d like them to be. The golden leaf tray for example is €36,- and somehow I don’t think it’s quite worth the money.  But they do now how to offer a nice range of items and I have to say: the few things I have are made out of good quality. What is your experience: are you a fan or is Zara Home not your thing?