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Research shows it again and again: money doesn’t buy happiness. Wealth is not proportional to happiness and even if some materialistic possessions add quality to life, it’s not a linear relationship. The biggest problem of materialistic possessions is that it becomes part of the new normal, we adapt to our new buys and the thrill of owning evaporates. In fact, some research shows that materialistic possessions can reduce happiness. The hedonistic treadmill of more, more, more is actually wearing us out. And the phrase less is more has never been more true. So yes, it was not a big surprise that

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Reaching your goals

Fear & regrets

You may remember we influence 50% of our happiness by the actions we take. I don’t know about you, but I still find this a strange idea (it’s so much control!). Apparently I can adjust my actions and feel even more happy. So it got me thinking: what should I do differently to achieve this? Since this year – for  me – is all about taking risks, I’m slowly saying yes to things I normally say no to. Just to find out if no was the right decision or not. And a strange thing happened: every time I said yes to something I


How to reach goals by fooling yourself

I made the same new years resolution for several years: opening myself up while doing things out of my comfort zone. And I failed every single year… I did do things out of my comfort zone, but once I was out there- in unfamiliar territory – I completely shut down. Turns out: I just simply can’t do it (that’s why I stopped making those new years resolutions and will only be focussing on being as happy as possible, that -at least- I can do ;). And I know I’m not the only one: somehow we think we will be more perfect


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